Design for Chimney-Piece with Battle Relief 

Creator(s):   Grinling Gibbons 1648-1721

Date:    Undated, but within range c.1690 to c.1693

Accession Number:   SM 110/35

Dimensions:   458mm x 257mm

Materials:   Pen and brown ink with grey washes over graphite under drawing on laid paper

Location:   Sir John Soane's Museum

Credit Line (copyright notice for material) :   © Sir John Soane's Museum

Online Catalogue Entry :

Design for Chimney-Piece with Battle Relief © Sir John Soane's Museum


Design for a chimney-piece with Battle relief . The technique of the drawing is identical to that of 1 and 3 (110/32 and 36 [Design for a Chimney-Piece with a Plain Fire Surround and Design for a Chimney-Piece with a Portrait Medallion on this website]), although each is drawn to a slightly different scale. The drapery is made to fit precisely within the frame of the overmantel and is overlapped by the ribbons from which all the decorative features are hung. Gibbons probably intended to execute this entire relief in limewood, as a bravura exercise in trompe l’oeil carving.

Literature: H. Avray Tipping, 1914, p. 89 Wren Society, IV, pl. 35, top; H. Avray Tipping, Grinling Gibbons and the woodwork of his age (1648-1720), 1914, fig. 82.

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