Memorial Cartouche to Laurence Womack (or Womock) 

Creator(s):   Attributed to Grinling Gibbons

Date:    c.1685

Materials:   Marble

Location:   St Margaret's Church, St Margaret St, London SW1P 3JX

Credit Line (copyright notice for material) :   By courtesy of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster

Online Catalogue Entry :

By courtesy of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster


In St Margaret’s church Westminster is a cartouche, attributed to sculptor Grinling Gibbons, to Laurence Womack (or Womock) bishop of St David’s in Wales who was buried in the church with his daughter Anne. The memorial is on a pillar in the south west section of the church. The Latin inscription can be translated: 

Near this place is buried that which was mortal of the Reverend Father in Christ, Laurence Womack, Bishop of St Davids; who exchanged his labours, outstandlngly performed and bestowed upon the Church of England over many years, for a crown of immortality on 12th March 1685 in his 73rd year. Also of his daughter Anne, a maid of 19 years who, on the 3rd Oct. preceding, was summoned hence to the company of virgin souls (a state) more excellent than any marriage could be